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CoverLeaf magazines can still be read for free

In my hacking for the RSS Feed Generator I noticed that the images of the magazine pages used by the iPad version of CoverLeaf are still freely available to anyone that wants them.

Using the same pattern as the PDFs that I described earlier you can construct URLs for any CoverLeaf magazine you want to read:

UPDATE: A friend pointed me to CURL’s man page for a better way to download images, this script will output images in the same directory that is is run from.

./ make vol23

#!/usr/bin/env bash
curl --fail --remote-name [$1/$2/data/imgpages/mobile2/$1$2[0001-$MAX_PAGES].jpg;]($1/$2/data/imgpages/mobile2/$1$2[0001-$MAX_PAGES].jpg;)

Then you just take the folder of images and make a PDF (one action Automator workflow) and add the PDF to iTunes.