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An Update on Taco Truck Tuesday 🇺🇸

Update: The response has been good, but it is difficult to mobilize a large number of food trucks on short notice without a guaranteed profit. My plan of record is to try a small version of this at the midterm elections, and four years from now come out in full force. This is not about shaming a candidate, it is about making it easier to vote, so the intent was always to be a long term event.

A few hundred people have responded positively to my Taco Truck Tuesday post, which is promising, but not enough to make a difference. Thankfully I have received no negative feedback, which is likely a record on the internet.

I have reached out to many of the following organizations for their support, and would appreciate the hundreds who care to do the same.

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In my research this weekend, I learned that most food truck owners work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some do this as a passion for food, but many do it just to get by.

By far, food trucks make the most money from catering. So if you, or your group, can afford the few thousand it would take to cater a truck on Election Day, please do. Free wasn’t my initial goal, but like in most industries, money talks. This is an uncertain venture, so many trucks will likely stick with their standard locations on Election Day. I don’t blame them. I would think that most districts have at least one donor in the region willing to sponsor a truck. I so need to accelerate a real web site in order to collaborate on this, if you know what an if-statement is please reach out on GitHub.

The next two months are going to be a whirlwind. If you can dedicate any amount of time to the project, it would be greatly appreciated. We need everything from design, to copy, social media, and press expertise. Coding will be only the beginning.

As always, point all vendors to, as that will be their place to organize and get more information.