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An Update on Taco Truck Tuesday 🇺🇸

Update: The response has been good, but it is difficult to mobilize a large number of food trucks on short notice without a guaranteed profit. My plan of record is to try a small version of this at the midterm elections, and four years from now come out in full force. This is not about shaming a candidate, it is about making it easier to vote, so the intent was always to be a long term event.

Taco Truck Tuesday 🇺🇸

Last night Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez warned of “taco trucks on every corner” if Hillary Clinton were to be elected. Twitter is full of taco loving people, who think this a great idea. That got me thinking: Taco Tuesday is a thing. We vote on a Tuesday. Food trucks are all the rage. Many people vote around meal times but need to be at work or home shortly afterwards.