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The Future of Product Development

My first week at Tara AI Frustrated with the state of product development solutions for software, I started DevSweet with Cari Templeton two years ago. However, a few months into research we were without a convincing go-to-market strategy and decided to end the project. Cari went on to help political candidates and I started working at a startup. At this new startup I saw all the same issues with product development I had seen at Apple, Nest, and Google, but this time with far more at stake since we were still building the company’s first product.

Leaving the Nest

Yesterday the engineering team at Nest got quite a shock when an email went out informing the team of my departure at the end of June, never an easy thing to tell your co-workers. I have been at the company for over 5 and a half years, and have been involved in almost every level of the company, from hardware patents to marketing site hacks. Like many early Nesters, I had many roles over the years and rarely turned down a challenging project.