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Unicode Chicken Dot TK

A few weeks back Panic registered Poopla (http://💩.la), what is believed to be The World’s First Emoji Domain. Outstanding! Ever since, and despite, reading John Gruber’s Star-Struck post I wanted my own iconic domain name. That day I registered: http://🐔.tk Not exactly my iconic chicken, Ginger, but nothing a custom font couldn’t solve if I really wanted to be OCD about it. The process of registering was quite simple, I went to dot.

Chicken Subculture Resources (Updated)

This will likely continue to be updated as my definitive list of chicken farmers fighting the system. If you come across any resource not listed here, please email the details to Duluth City Chickens Mad City Chickens Burnsville boy to City Council: Please let me keep my chickens Raising chickens in the heart of the city The Craze for Urban Chicken Farming

Poultry Underground

Yesterday I received a postcard in the mail inviting me to subscribe to a new publication: Backyard Poultry. It sounded fun but I didn’t think much of it until this morning when I noted the cover article of the premiere issue “Chickens in the City: Local Ordinance Passed.” I quickly went to the Backyard Poultry website and read up on the Mad City Chickens Political Movement! All this time I thought I alone am fighting city council to let me keep pullets when in fact in the next state over there is a whole underground poultry movement!

Stay of Execution

Today I visited City Hall to get a status update on PoultryGate. I learned from the town clerk that city council, after review of my letter decided to table the matter and have the town’s lawyer look over the matter. This tell me two things: for now I can keep the chickens and the town is spending taxpayer money to have a lawyer look at whether they can legally evict pullets based on the wording of the law they wrote…


An expert in dealing with the city of Marshfield, Massachusetts; my grandfather e-mailed me the following advice: Council members will want a face for the letter… it was a good idea to offer to meet with them Be humble, approach them as a person who does not no too much. Maintain your cool as you are trying to depolarize them and make them feel sympathetic Talk to the council’s clerk.

Letter to City Council

City of New Auburn, City Council C/O Wendy Becker 8303 Eighth Avenue, PO Box 127 New Auburn, Minnesota 55366–0127 City Council: I received your letter regarding my alleged violation of the anti-livestock ordinance within city limits. As the animals in question are not ‘Traditional farm animals raised for food’ but are non-traditional breeds chosen primarily for pest control in my organic garden. Thus, they would not legally qualify as livestock as defined in the city ordinances, or Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 17a (Livestock) and Chapter 31a (Meat and Poultry.

Pullets Forever

One evening in the fall I got a call from my neighbor: There was a dog eating my chickens and keeping her on the back porch. She wanted to know if she should call the sheriff, I said yes and ran to the back yard to investigate. I found two dogs one eating and one just running around in the coop. The guilty one ran, the other stayed in the coop.

City of New Auburn bans Chickens

This morning I checked my mail to find the above letter in the mailbox. The ordinance in question is Article 4, Section 402.10 which covers permitted use of property in the R1 — General Residential Zone. The section reads “CONDITIONAL USES: Farming, excluding the raising of livestock.” They also send a list of definitions defining Livestock as “Traditional farm animals raised for food including, but not limited to cattle, swine, sheep, poultry and rabbits.